Dec 2 2008

ZenWhy is it so hard to confess what we don’t know? One reason may be that “anepistemology” is a missing subject in our school curriculum. Anepistemology would be the study of what we cannot know. Is it an absurd idea to have a course in unknowledge? Can you imagine a teacher sharing with the class everything they don’t know and things they have doubts about?

Dec 1 2008

Lynch on CreativtyWhere do ideas come from? How is it possible for us to identify with ideas? I tinker with some of Lynch’s thoughts on his own thoughts, and conclude that if we could know who we really were we could not make up our identities.

Nov 15 2008

Spewing GodHow I learnt that you better lie or risk becoming God vomit.

Oct 31 2008

This is a trailer of an upcoming movie about the meltdown of US economy. “ Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show we mean business. ” Jonah Goldberg of National Review According to ecological economist Lester […]

Oct 30 2008

Protologism is a unique word, not only because it is new, but because it is probably the only word that for a limited time is an example of itself. Protologism is itself a protologism – it is autological – but as opposed to autological words like “noun” or “polysyllabic” it will not remain autological for […]

Oct 30 2008

PacoThis makes my cry of laughter…but maybe it’s only funny to guitarists. Paco de Lucia shredding.

Oct 30 2008

Sarah Jane, a mother of three with a stable if not exciting marriage to a lawyer, is staring at a text message from a rather dashing young journalist by the name of Laurence. They met at a party at a common friends house and she let herself flirt and insinuate she was up for play. […]

Oct 30 2008

Adolf BushReading two books about European individuals struggling against totalitarianism 80 years ago, it was impossible not to see the glaring parallels between how Hitler used the Reichtags fire and how Bush used 9-11 as excuses for infringing on civil liberties and justifications for illegal wars.